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SU Animate V4 Download

SU Animate V4 free trial (10 days) and updates.

If you have purchased SU Animate V4 license, download the .rbz file (or the .zip version), use Install Extension and activate the license.

SU Animate V4.2.2 for SketchUp 8 thru 2019 for Windowsand Mac OS-X.

For SketchUp 8 thru 2019


Download .rbz file here

Download the Zipped version here

Install Extensions and RBZ. Use SketchUp, Install Extensions, located in the SketchUp Preferences/ Extensions dialog box. Use Install Extensions to install the suanimate.rbz file. This .rbz file will work with Windows or Mac. Windows XP users, SU Animate 4.2.2 will not work on Windows XP.

Zipped version. Some Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome will automatically unpack the .rbz file and re-pack to .zip before downloading to your computer. This action will not work and will result in no .rbz download. If your Browser attempts to convert the .rbz file to .zip, cacnel the download and then download the .zip file we have prepared for you. The Zipped version when unzipped will unpack just the .rbz file. Then you can use Install Extensions from within SketchUp and located the unzipped .rbz file.